Never worry about maintaining office dishware or dishwashers ever again


At DishJoy, we believe in helping you achieve simplicity, so that you can tackle the tougher calls of the day.  We know you have a lot going on.  Let us take care of the dishes for you.

DishJoy’s commercial-grade dishwashing service offers the following benefits:

  1. Headache free dish management. We drop off clean dishes and pick up your dirty dishes everyday
  2. Deliver greater environmental impact as over half of office trash is filled with disposable dishware and our dishwashers use one seventh of the water compared to the average non-commercial grade dishwasher
  3. Flexible dish quantities offered for your changing needs
  4. Superior meal and catering experience for your employees since our dishes are real, not made out of paper or plastic
  5. Pricing is approximately the same compared to disposable dishware and/or in-house dishwashing costs

So if you are using disposable dishware or are washing it in-house then contact us to get started. 


No matter what kind of dishware your office is using, we take the hassle off of your hands.

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How it Works


We drop off clean dishware to your office and provide a receptacle for dirties. 


You eat food, drink coffee and make dirty dishware!


Our drivers come at night to take your "dirties" and drop off clean dishware.